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How to get call’s audio file?

Your customer is agree with automatic recording of all their calls in SAP CCtr and you need to get audio file from SAP Contact Center, to listen it outside the SAP system?

How to get the file?

Recording file can be copied after you have listened it in CDT first:

  • Listen the file in CDT (opening it from Online Monitoring or from History view in CDT).
  • After the file is played, open File Explorer window and type „%temp%” to address field or go C:\Users\’your_user_name’\AppData\Local\Temp.
  • Copy the latest audiofile. The file name is changed to range of letters and numbers for security reasons (it seems like – FF74B6EC4F28E81180C6062922B38F2F).

Other option to get the file is to write our customer support an email support@prominion.eu, sending us the call’s A and B numbers, timestamp and we’ll send it to you.

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