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Masternote for a SAP CCtr user

You have the question, starting: “How…?”
Use our suggestions to start troubleshooting by yourself.

Before you send us the query, please read and open this short overview about main functionalities of a SAP CCtr and maybe you’ll find your answer right away by your own.

ABC of troubleshooting

You have identified a problem with your SAP Contact Center (previously BCM) system and wish to report this to us.

Here are three simple steps for troubleshooting before contacting our support service:

  1. Restart your laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Test if you are able to log in with your SAP account in your colleague’s workstation.
  3. Test if your colleague’s SAP account is working properly in your computer.

Now, try to remind…

Before you push the Send button of your e-mail or the Call button on your self-phone, please consider if there might be changes made recently:

  • With SAP CCtr system itself.
    Maybe our support has recently contacted you about maintenance works or the software version upgrade was placed recently. If so, please contact our Support by writing us an e-mail to address: support@prominion.eu, or call to the No: +372 699 9099.
  • With your office network. Please consult with your IT department first and if you still can’t find the solution for your case, please definitely contact our support.
  • With your personal laptop or workstation.
    Maybe there was a notification on your desktop in the morning, about the upgrade of your workstation software?
    If so, please try to Restart your computer and if you are still not able to log into SAP or other difficulties with SAP system, please contact with your IT department. Ask if they know about changes made recently and if still no help, give us the detailed description about the appeared situation by sending us an e-mail to address: support@prominion.eu, or call to the No: +372 699 9099.

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